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little flower
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LL poetry

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hi again textkit
i have reached ch 34 of lingua latina and i am having trouble with the poetry. can anyone tell me if there is a website or book where i could brush up on the basics. i know poetry will come up again in roma aeterna so its better to get the hang of it at this stage.
thanks for your help.
little flower.

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Re: LL poetry

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If you can say a bit more about what you find difficult it will be easier to help. Are you looking for a cultural introduction to Latin poetry or some specific guidance on an author. Chapter 34 has some Ovid and quite a bit of Catullus. Among the many differences between poetry and prose is word order. Are you interested in learning something about the metre of the poetry. With Catullus thats not so easy for a beginner.

There is something of an introduction in the grammatical Latina of chapter 34. That might be a good place to start?
Persuade tibi hoc sic esse, ut scribo: quaedam tempora eripiuntur nobis, quaedam subducuntur, quaedam effluunt. Turpissima tamen est iactura, quae per neglegentiam fit. Et si volueris attendere, maxima pars vitae elabitur male agentibus, magna nihil agentibus, tota vita aliud agentibus.

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