JWW exercises, para 440, 442, 450, 452, 463, 463

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JWW exercises, para 440, 442, 450, 452, 463, 463

Post by Koala » Tue Jun 22, 2004 2:05 pm

suggested translations - comments, corrections gratefully received

1 but I-was/they-were spending the darics on you
2 the same equipment is (both) for you and us
3 at the side of your tent the soldier was splitting wood with an axe
4 for I consider you to be friends to (of) me/to be my friends
5 but by the gods I for my part will not pursue them
6 therefore it seems to me not yet time for us to spy this out
7 Xenophon orders him to send to him men from the vanguard
8 therefore I-say-to-you-that-it-is-necessary-you/I-say-that-you-must ride on and view all things closely
9 the generals ask him what will be for them if they should win
10 but since you were not willing to obey or follow me, I will follow you

On the same day Clearchus comes to the market place beside the river. When he had spied it out, he rides back again to his own tent through the army of Menon with a few (men) around/with him. Cyrus had not yet come, but was still riding on/towards; someone from among the soldiers of Menon who was splitting wood tries to hit Clearchus as he was riding through with an axe ? another (tries) with a stone and (then) another, then everybody, and the outcry was fearful.

1 I will ride back to my quarters
2 Cyrus was summoning that man to himself
3 satraps of all these places/countries are the friends of your brother
4 he says the Greeks are overcoming/conquering their opponents
5 we admired your excellence
6 they were shouting to each other to follow slowly
7 for my father ordered this man to obey me
8 if we (shall) prevail/win, it is necessary for our friends to be masters over these things
9 you now have the country of Cyrus and are saving your kingdom
10 it is not a time/hour for us to neglect ourselves, but to plan concerning/against these things

And Clearchus took refuge in/among his own army, and immediately gave orders to arms; and he ordered his hoplites to remain, shields ready-at/resting-on the knees, himself, having taken the Thracians who were with him in the army, drove against those of Menon, so that they and Menon himself were afraid, and ran to the arms.

1 for it is not possible to have/obtain the provisions
2 for we (have) come to save you
3 it is not yet necessary / there is no necessity yet to flee
4 it will be impossible to arrive by night
5 we urged them both to cease from anger
6 he turned/entrusted the children over to them to teach
7 we wish to be safely brought to Greece
8 he ordered two captains of the hoplites to follow him
9 they were capable for war and kindly to Cyrus
10 they were shouting to one another to turn the enemy facing them into a rout

Proxenos ? for he had driven ahead the day after and the company of the hoplites were following him ? therefore (went) immediately to the space between the two fighting men (and) besought Clearchus not to do this. He is offended that he speaks (so) lightly of his trouble, and he ordered him to go out of the centre. Into this Cyrus also arrives and hears the matter/trouble. Immediately he takes the spears in his hands and with his trustworthy ones he comes driving into the midst, and says thus:

With thanks
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Post by Skylax » Thu Jul 15, 2004 9:50 am


3. add « with an axe » (ἀξίνῃ).
6. « seemed » : « seems » (present)


« escaping » : rather « riding through » (i.e. « as he was riding through »)
« an axe » : well, this time rather « his axe » (because he was splitting wood)…[frustrating, it isn’t ?]


4. τὸ καθ’ ἑαυτούς : an old French commentator suggests that it means « their opponents » (with στράτευμα implied), thus « the army against themselves ». κατά with the accusative is well attested meaning « opposite, over against ».

452 – ok


1. I would say in French « Car il n’est pas possible d’avoir les provisions » (is it « For it is not possible to have the provisions » ?) cf 430, 1
6. ἐπιτρέπω means also « to confide, to entrust (somebody to somebody’s care) »
8. « captains » : « companies »
10. « along-side » : rather « facing » (?) cf 450, 4

465 – ok

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Post by Koala » Sat Jul 24, 2004 12:32 pm

thank you Skylax again for all the comments!

Best wishes

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