Starting an online Koine Greek Journal

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Starting an online Koine Greek Journal

Post by danekristjan » Tue Oct 25, 2016 7:12 pm

Hey guys! I just started a journal where I will talk about what I did or am doing throughout the week in Koine Greek. Please view, comment, correct, critique and enjoy! The goal is to compose simple comprehensible output/input that others can enjoy without worrying about difficult grammar or forms. I may even do expositions on portions of scripture. Thanks!

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Re: Starting an online Koine Greek Journal

Post by bedwere » Wed Oct 26, 2016 5:54 pm

Most of us, first of all yours truly, make mistakes. "Worrying about grammar and forms" is not a bad idea. If you want feedback, you may want to write in the Agora or Composition section, depending on the circumstances. Ἀγαθῇ τύχῃ.

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Re: Starting an online Koine Greek Journal

Post by anphph » Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:44 am

I second bedwere's. It's great to write if you want to practise, but you are not up there yet that people can read your Greek with pleasure. Specifically, I urge you to pay much more attention to case and gender and their agreement, which are the bedrock of Ancient Greek, and which you still have not yet grasped properly.

Can you, for example, spot the mistakes in bold? These are the morphological ones, I'm not marking the syntactical problems or solœcisms.
Χαίρετε φίλοι μοι! ὄνομα μοι Δάνος Ἰωᾶννυιος. ἔχω 26 οἱ ἔτοι. οἴκει δέ ἐν τῷ τόπῳ Αριζώνᾳ. κατοικῶ ἐν μεγάλῳ οἴκῳ. ἀγαπῶ ἀναγινώσκειν ἡ Καινή Διαθήκη ἐν Ἑλληνικῇ. ἐλπίζω μαθηνεύειν ἀναγινώσκειν Ἑλλήνικῃ μείζον διἀ αὕτῃν βλόγ. θέλω ὅτι ὑμεῖς βοηθήσω διὰ ταύτην γράφην. σήμερον (σήμερον ἐστιν ταύτην ἡμέραν [νῦν]) γράφω ἐν Ἑλλήνικῃ πρῶτον χρόνον. μέτα ταῦτα ὑπνώσω ἐν τῷ κραβάτῳ μοι. εὐχαριστῷ ὑμῖν γάρ ἀναγινώσκων φίλοι μοι!

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Re: Starting an online Koine Greek Journal

Post by mwh » Fri Oct 28, 2016 3:10 am

The remarkable thing is that it is comprehensible—to English-speakers. A speaker of koine Greek would find it unintelligible gibberish.

Dane, You think you’re writing in Greek. You’re not. All you’re doing is substituting Greek words for English words.* That’s not at all the same thing.
*E.g. εὐχαριστῷ ὑμῖν γάρ ἀναγινώσκων does not mean anything like Thank you for reading.

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Re: Starting an online Koine Greek Journal

Post by Pros » Fri Oct 28, 2016 3:54 am

Dane, though I totally agree with the responses, let me encourage you to download the book in Textkit's library called Greek Prose Composition by North and Hillard. This will teach you how to compose by translating the English sentences and short stories into good Greek. Download the Answer Key too. That is the best part. You can see where you went wrong. I wish you the best.

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