Beta Testers Wanted

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Beta Testers Wanted

Post by Paul » Fri May 28, 2004 10:01 pm

Hi All,

For the last two years I have on and off been writing Windows-based software that 'assists' in the translation, annotation, and printing of ancient greek.

A couple of our generous peers here at Textkit have already begun beta-testing this software. And I am now looking for more volunteers. :D

If you are interested; and are a user of Internet Explorer release 6+, please visit Once there, in the table of contents frame, click on 'Software'. After this entry opens, click on 'Ancient Greek Text Manager'. Here you will see a brief summary of features, and instructions for joining the beta testing.

Beggars can't be choosers. So all I ask is that

a. you not redistribute the software
b. you reply to my questions about any problems you report (this will allow me to improve the software)

Thank you.



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Post by PeterD » Sun May 30, 2004 9:00 pm

Hey, you textkit coolcats, Paul, one of the coolest cats around, needs are help in helping him beta-test some amazing software that is going to benefit us all. I, endeavouring to be a coolcat, have already volunteered. It's easy stuff, will hardly take any of your time, you'll be one of the first to test this awesome software, and, if you love Homer, you'll be in for a lovely surprise.

So c'mon, be a coolcat. Let's help Paul. :)
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Post by tdominus » Mon May 31, 2004 2:40 pm


Maybe you'll get more responses by discussing the following:
* what does it do exactly?
* what's in it for the end user? how does it benefit them?
* how does it help with translation?

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Post by Paul » Mon May 31, 2004 4:47 pm

Thanks tdominus,

That's certainly a sound idea. I have posted much of what you suggest at the website. But I'll summarize it here:

The software is designed to assist you in translating and annotating ancient greek. It does this by allowing you to:

a. display the greek text
b. edit, delete, add greek text
c. enter a translation for each line of the greek text
d. edit and delete your translation
e. annotate individual words
f. search text for words and phrases (equals, starts-with, contains)
g. search your annotation for words
h. online lookup of words and lexemes against a public resolver (Perseus)
i. produce simple word frequency charts
j. maintain and link vocabulary files to a text. Vocabulary files can be used in an auto-lookup mode to show you a definition when you mouseover a word in the text
h. create RTF files for use in MS Office. These RTF files can contain greek text, your translation and your notes.
i. convert unicode to betacode; betacode to unicode

To display greek text you need a unicode enabled font, e.g, Arial unicode ms, or one of several others.

To enter greek text you do NOT need any special keyboard mapping software. The program allows you to enter betacode. It will convert the betacode to unicode.

I distribute a version of Iliad Book 1 based on Clyde Pharr's Homeric Greek. But you can use this program with ANY unicode greek text. You can create your own texts! Greek text can be entered into a new text either by pasting unicode text from another application or by typing in unicode or betacode.

The program runs only on a Windows platform with Internet Explorer 6+.
As with many programs, a faster CPU and more memory is better than the alternative.

I presently have 4 beta testers and today got requests from three others.
The software is relatively stable. Hence testing it shouldn't be a nightmare for anyone. :D

Thank you all.



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