Introduction for James Rothering

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Introduction for James Rothering

Post by jamesrothering » Thu Dec 31, 2015 1:09 am

Hello Everyone:

Normally I'd lurk for a while before posting at all, but the "Read Me" seems scary & you must have had some nasty experiences which require such stringent account deletion rules! But I'm happy that the spammers are not welcome.

I just started dabbling with Classical Greek a few weeks ago. I took one quarter of it in college, but didn't continue because it was just too much work in conjunction with what I was doing professionally. And, that was far too many years ago, so I've basically forgotten it all. But I'm sure that it's coming back far to easily -- I always hated the people in language class who already essentially knew the language they were "taking." Talk about skewing the grading! Anyway, I'm happy to see that a resource like this exists, because I don't have any "live" resources to ask questions of & I'm messing about totally on my own.

So far, I've reviewed my reading ability & I can tolerably sound out a page of the Anabasis, although I'm sure I'm screwing things up. I'm really interested in understanding a lot of the "gap" issues I had when I first took Greek several decades ago. So I hope that knowledgeable people will help out from time to time if I ask a simplistic or "dumb" question. I certainly appreciate any help anyone offers and thank them in advance.

Hopefully I've now proved my reality. :-)



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Re: Introduction for James Rothering

Post by bedwere » Thu Dec 31, 2015 3:18 am

Yes, you are real and welcome here. :D

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