Salvete Omnes! (Introductory post from galiana)

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Salvete Omnes! (Introductory post from galiana)

Post by galiana » Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:34 pm

Greetings everyone,

I'm happy to have found this forum. Having taken a break from Latin for many years in favor of French and German, I've decided to resume my Latin studies. Since languages aren't much fun without compatriots with which to share them, I began searching for a Latin-learning community, and stumbled across this one.

I learned Latin in secondary school many years ago, but have since forgotten everything except "Caecilius in forō ambulat" - although when I leafed through the Cambridge course again at the bookstore, my rote memory kicked in and I was able to read much of the first volume with little difficulty. Of course those are all unconscious memories and inapplicable to authentic material, so now it's time to recall my Latin and begin learning Greek.

Hopefully this year I will begin turning my abiding interest in classical languages and culture into a Classics degree. Until then I am studying on my own, trying to build up the all-important habit of daily recall.

Looking forward to learning with and from you.


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