JWW exercises, para 256, 258, 265, 267, 276, 278

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JWW exercises, para 256, 258, 265, 267, 276, 278

Post by Koala » Fri May 21, 2004 10:49 am

1 and in the tents there were shields
2 and there is a Persian army in the park
3 therefore I/they give thanks to the gods for victory
4 the satrap has destroyed this bridge in the night
5 those men/they were hostile to this old man
6 immediately they went to the mouth of the river
7 with the gods there are fine hopes of victory for the army
8 there were birds in the houses
9 we have arms and chariots and sufficient supplies

On the next day a messenger came saying that Suennesis had fled. Cyrus therefore goes up onto the summit, and from there comes down (in)to a fine plain. Through this he marches twenty five parasangs to Tarsus, in which was a palace. In the pass (leading) into the plain, as it is said, a hundred hoplites of Menonos? army were cut down by the Cilicians. When the others arrived, they destroyed Tarsus on account of the destruction by their soldiers

1 he has come having/with the whole army
2 these things he said to all the soldiers
3 all the hoplites were thousands and tens of thousands
4 the young man is clever/accomplished
5 later he willingly sent the things/money to all the army
6 he still/yet he brings together the whole army into the park
7 the truce is also for all the others
8 Cyrus was already general of all the barbarians in the plain
9 but, O Clearchus, no longer will we go willingly with Cyrus
10 for all will marvel at this expedition

Cyrus and his army remained in that place/there twenty days. For the soldiers did no longer wanted to proceed - for they were already suspecting that the expedition was against Artaxerxes. At first Clearchus ordered his soldiers to go; but they were pelting him and the animals. Afterwards he brought the soldiers together - and at first he began to weep ? they were amazed - then he said these things:

1 you surpassed the guards of/with Cyrus
2 we are (being) conquered by the Cilicians
3 Xenophon asked him, ?Why are you shouting??
4 Cyrus was setting out from the village at night with Xenophon
5 those around Cyrus say that they are completely victorious
6 Cyrus had frequently honoured Clearchus, since/for he used to esteem all his good men (worthy) for war
7 he asks whether the truce is for the other soldiers also
8 these soldiers were conquering the Thracians
9 amongst the Persians, the old folk are honoured
10 and immediately he began to shout to Clearchus to lead the army down the enemy's middle/along the enemy's centre

?Fellow soldiers, Cyrus is a guest friend to me, and already he has often honoured (me). I plan therefore to journey/go with him, and since you do not wish to trust me, I will follow with you - for to me you are friends and fellow-soldiers."
These things he said. The soldiers, both his (those of him) and the others praise him; and from the other generals, two thousand with arms and the baggage, encamp beside Clearchus.
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Post by Skylax » Mon May 31, 2004 5:36 pm


7. the spoils : the truce
10. to lead the enemy’s army down the middle/along the centre : to lead the army down the enemy’s middle/along the enemy’s centre


friend : guest friend ? (this status results from a formal bilateral agreement)
fight : go ?

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Post by Koala » Wed Jun 02, 2004 1:44 pm

Merci encore

à la prochaine fois

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