I'm imputerate

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I'm imputerate

Post by hodgson » Sun Feb 09, 2014 8:58 pm

Hello, my name is Peter and I'm imputerate. I have been reading serious
literature for over two-thirds of a century, much of it from the trove of
classical texts. I taught Russian lit at UCLA for a third of a century. I
have studied and lived in the homelands of six "modern" languages, and now
it's time to seriously take on Greek and Latin (two years of the latter in
high school, but...).

Just as Plato's sceptical views on writing have incited speculation about
the epistemology of literacy, so I wonder if we are not presently
experiencing an epistemic shift to puteracy. Latin 'putare,' (to reckon. ->
impute, reputation, etc.), serves us well as the modern day equivalent of
Greek 'logos', effecting our transition from literacy to puteracy the way
'logos,' say, in John's rephrasing the opening words of Genesis, did for the
more leisurely morphing of adjuracy into literacy.

I invite fellow textkitters to join in a discussion of questions like
how the 'memory' and 'remindfullness' distinction, which Socrates attributes
to that Pharaoh, map on puterate memory stashes like Evernote.

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