Dominus Anulorum (Lord of the Rings in Latin)

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Dominus Anulorum (Lord of the Rings in Latin)

Post by Nagoda » Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:51 am


Salvete omnes!

Nomen meus est Mike Nagoda et ego sum discipulus Universitatis Eboraci in Torontone, Canada. Ego converto "Dominus Anulorum" (et, si intelligo recte, Ptolemyauletes quoque! Heu!) in sermonem Latinam. Hic est situs meus:

Si vos potestis iuvare et monstrare errata, amabo vos et agam multas gratias :D Scio, scio ordinem meum verborum malam et multigenerem interdum esse: requiro mutare hoc. De nominibus, ego adhaereo commentarium Proffesoris, et conor adferre interpretationem cum converto idiomata Anglica, etsi suspecto fortasse errata multa de re hac esse. Conor etiam! Si placet tibi, corrigo ea si adsunt. Habeo quoque "Hobbitus Ille" Latine (qui nondum lexi), sed videtur grammaticam malam esse, si commentarium in hoc foro est verum. Marcus Walker, translator, narravit mihi epistula electronica Ricardum Sturch, sacerdotem Anglicanum, quoque "Dominus Anulorum" convertere. Tamen permanebo! Ego opperior valde auxlium vestrum! Gratias!



P.S. Ptolemyauletes, fortasse nos colligamus labores nostros? Ego requiro auxilium...


Hi everybody!

My name is Mike Nagoda and I'm a student at York University in Toronto, Canada. I'm translating Lord of the Rings (and if I understand correctly, Ptolemyauletes is too! Wow!) into Latin! Here's my website:

If you can help and point out mistakes, I will love you and be very grateful :D I know, I know, my word order is sometimes bad and varied: I need to fix it. Concerning nomenclature, I'm following the Professor's notes and I'm trying to convery the meaning when translating English idioms, although I suspect perhpas that there are many mistakes in this regard. Still, I am trying! Please, correct them if they're there. I also have The Hobbit in Latin (I've not yet read it), but it seems the grammar is bad, if the commentary on this forum is true. Mark Walker, the translator, told me via email that Richard Sturch, an Anglican priest, is also translating Lord of the Rings into Latin, Nevertheless, I will continue on! I greatly await your help! Thanks!



P.S. Ptolemyauletes, perhaps we could combine our efforts? I need help...

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