accents in MOUSA

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accents in MOUSA

Post by John » Wed Jan 21, 2004 2:15 am

Why is the circumflex accent used in the nom pl of the first declension feminine noun MOUSA (Muse), e.g.,
Mousai with circumflex over the penultimate dipthong -ou, and then the acute accent is used in the dat pl, e.g., Mousais with acute over the penultimate dipthong? Does -ai count as short, but -ais count as long?

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Re: accents in MOUSA

Post by annis » Wed Jan 21, 2004 10:17 pm

John wrote:Does -ai count as short, but -ais count as long?
Yes. Final -αι, the first declension nominative plural counts as short when you determine the accent. The same is true of final -οι, the second declension nominative plural.

Final -αι in verbs is often short for accent, too. The exception is the optative mood, which you'll not see until quite a few more lessons have passed. :)

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