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Post by zaelunas » Mon Dec 09, 2019 7:50 pm

Salve gentleman!

I am a tax accountant by profession but have recently found myself inspired to study ancient philology in order to read the classics of Western literature in their original tongues. So much of what has been written has never been translated and I wish to access these literary treasures that now lay hidden from me behind a veil of unintelligible script.

The more immediate inspiration for beginning this journey is that my two sons (6 and 4) have been accepted into a classical academy where they will be initiated into the mysteries of Latin language and literature. As their father, I feel it is incumbent that acquaint myself with this literature in order to assist in their acquisition. I look forward to contributing (in my own small way) to this venerable community of scholars.


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Re: Introduction

Post by bedwere » Mon Dec 09, 2019 9:38 pm

Welcome to Textkit!

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Re: Introduction

Post by mwh » Mon Dec 09, 2019 9:59 pm

Welcome Terrance. I don’t know how many literary treasures you’ll find in the masses of stuff that has not been translated, but certainly there are plenty in what has been translated, and learning to read the original language is infinitely more rewarding and mind-expanding than reading translations. But by all means read translations too.

But I warn you, this is no community of scholars. People here do aim to be supportive and helpful, but a few of our most prolific posters may lead you astray or merely get in the way. Hylander however is one who will steer you straight.

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Re: Introduction

Post by Aetos » Mon Dec 09, 2019 10:44 pm

Welcome, Terrance!
There's an old song with a line goes "take what you need and leave the rest" and that's pretty much what you'll do here; you'll find what is useful and what isn't. I've participated now in this forum for about a year and half and have learned a great deal. In a sense, the forum is like a classroom, especially for self-learners and just like a classroom it is mostly comprised of students at various stages in their learning journey, so you will read lots of opinions, lots of good answers, some bad answers, and lots of questions, some better than others. The big difference is that there is no one teacher. There are teachers, professors, and scholars and non-scholars here of varying levels of competence and experience who participate in the forum. You'll figure out who and what they are as time goes on. mwh mentions Hylander. I'll second that! I'll mention mwh, who is a retired university professor and papyrologist. As I said above, you'll read a lot of opinions on this forum, but when you need facts, go to these two gentlemen.

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