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Post by AbuZenobia » Tue Nov 19, 2019 8:50 pm

Hello everyone/salvete omnes/χαιρετε,

I'm an undergraduate student who's studied Latin for a year at university (using the Latin for the New Millennium books) and am now studying Greek at school (using Athenaze). I've also studied Hebrew at university last year and am know Urdu as my native language as well as Arabic, Persian. I've also studied Aramaic dialects, particularly Syriac. I'm continuing to study the various languages I've mentioned on my own, I've been working with Wheelock for Latin and using the LLPSI books as readers -- I have other materials but focus on these ones primarily. I have work to do here I know for sure, especially because I fear my Latin's been neglected a bit during the summer. I'm also reading the Hebrew Bible to improve my Hebrew. My interest stems in wanting to explore philosophical and religious material without having to rely on translations and to access the variety of primary documents written in these languages which aren't translated, I'm interested in the interactions of the Oriental churches with the Latin church, for example, and documents regarding that tend to be in Latin without translations. I also enjoy studying ancient languages both as languages and as sources for wonderful literature. I hope that by joining this forum I'll be able to improve my skills and contribute. It's a pleasure to meet scholars and students as astute and enthusiastic as you all.

Best regards to all of you,


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Re: Introduction

Post by bedwere » Tue Nov 19, 2019 8:57 pm

Welcome to Textkit!

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