just signed on and need to introduce myself

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just signed on and need to introduce myself

Post by rexlouis » Tue Aug 20, 2019 9:23 am

Hello all,
If I understand correctly I need to write you an introduction to prove that I am real and not too wacky. The reality seems self-evident; the lack of any residual wackiness at my age will have to proved over time.
I am a retired language teacher and technical translator. I arrived in France in 1968 (already a bit wacky, I admit) and have remained, if my math is correct, for 51 years. I retired to the countryside in Touraine in 2003 and began to do the things I wanted to do but had not yet had time to deal with. Among these were (are) filling in my reading of the classics (English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian), learning more about non-European cultures, sight-reading as much of the piano repertoire as I could, studying comparative religion and mythology, cooking, gardening, and traveling. Oh, and, you might well be interested in yet another long-delayed activity: going back to refurbish my Latin (which, alas, I had to let drop after just 4 semesters) and at last learn some Greek. I've been crawling slowly through the Metamorphoses and Catullus, and have gone through the three introductory books by John Taylor (not an endorsement, but certainly might be...) to pick up some Greek. This should give you a good idea of my woeful level and explain why I occasionally need help (and encouragement). Must I specify that at age 75 my memory ain't what it used to be?
Thus, if you accept me as a fellow I'll be delighted and grateful to log in occasionally (without, I hope, becoming importunate) to request a bit of help with problems to which I just cannot seem to find answers on my own.
Looking forward to our future communion.

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Re: just signed on and need to introduce myself

Post by jeidsath » Tue Aug 20, 2019 1:06 pm


You have a few years advantage on Cato for starting Greek, though he did speak pretty good Latin for a politician.
Joel Eidsath -- jeidsath@gmail.com

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