VINCULUM: Lay Latin Immersion Program June 19-26, 2019

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VINCULUM: Lay Latin Immersion Program June 19-26, 2019

Post by bedwere » Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:20 pm


Nancy E. Llewellyn, PhD
VINCULUM organizer

Sunday, June 19-26, 2019
VINCULUM is the new laymen’s version of the Veterum Sapientia Latin-immersion program for clerics held annually at Belmont Abbey College since 2013. The common purpose of both programs is to help participants “get their feet under them” when it comes to speaking Latin, and to help those already on the road to proficiency improve and grow. Readings at VINCULUM focus on Latin texts of all major genres and time periods within Christian history. Ecclesiastical pronunciation is the norm for teaching and conversation. Speakers of Latin at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels will benefit from intensive work with their peers to enhance their growth and confidence. See also program description for Veterum Sapientia.

About Our Name:
VINCULUM (VING-koo-lumm) is a noun meaning link (e.g. a chain link) in Latin. In his great document Veterum Sapientia, Pope St. John XXIII made a point of quoting his predecessor Pius XII, who referred to Latin as a magni pretii vinculum – a link of great value connecting modern-day Catholics of all nations to their heritage in the Universal Church. BAC main campus; classes in Robert Stowe Hall, second floor; food and housing in Belmont Abbey College facilities.

BAC main campus; classes in Robert Stowe Hall, second floor; food and housing in Belmont Abbey College facilities.

Introductory tuition rate $550 pp for enrollment and payment before May 15; $650 pp tuition if paid after May 15.
Room+Full Board package an additional $350 (flat rate) with double-occupancy dorm accommodation on the BAC campus. Board includes three meals daily, served food-court style in the Dining Center.
Single dormitory rooms may be reserved subject to availability on payment of a $100 supplement.
Dorm housing includes pillows and bedding but does not include towels.
Participants who prefer hotel accommodations may book rooms for themselves at nearby hotels. The Belmont Hampton Inn, directly across from campus, offers a discounted Belmont Abbey College rate of $115/night, inclusive of internet and breakfast. (Note: you MUST make specific reference to the “BAC rate” when you make your reservation to get the discount.)

Open to anyone over age 18 who has completed three years of high school Latin or one year of college Latin, or equivalent. Applications from participants with experience differing significantly from the foregoing will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Contact the organizer Dr. Nancy E. Llewellyn. While VINCULUM is directed primarily at Catholic laypeople, clergy, religious and seminarians are warmly welcome, though they should also consider attending Veterum Sapientia in late July.

We also welcome applicants of other denominations and faiths who will cheerfully respect the Catholic Christian character of this event.

Applicants under age 18 with three or more years of Latin study may be accepted if a parent or guardian will also be attending full-time.

VINCULUM is not an introductory Latin course and is not suitable for those with no prior experience of Latin.

Language and Liturgies:
The goal of the VINCULUM program is to help participants develop their ability to speak and read Latin while increasing their knowledge of the intellectual heritage of Catholic Christendom passed down through time by means of the Latin tongue. This heritage, of course, includes liturgy, but our curriculum does not have a specific liturgical focus. Our hosts, the members of the Belmont Abbey monastic community, generously welcome all Belmont Abbey College’s guests to their daily Mass at 11:45AM, which is celebrated in English according to the Ordinary Form. Confession and individual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament are also available daily; further information at Mass in the Extraordinary Form is available on Wednesday evenings at 6PM, Thursday mornings at 7AM, Friday mornings at 7AM and early Sunday afternoons at 12:30PM, at nearby parish St. Ann’s Charlotte or (Thurs only) at St. Michael’s Gastonia. The VINCULUM class schedule will take both the Abbey Mass and these into account. Our daily activities will include an optional Angelus at noontime and an optional Rosary at 6PM, both in Latin.

There is no more powerful tool for language learning than simply being immersed in the language. Accordingly, all participants will be expected to pledge, beginning on the first full day of instruction, to speak only Latin in the company of their fellow participants. This restriction, naturally, does not apply to interactions with others, whether face-to-face or by telephone.

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Re: VINCULUM: Lay Latin Immersion Program June 19-26, 2019

Post by ariphron » Sun Jul 28, 2019 12:03 pm

Is this better than the Latin program at Lexington? Or did you choose this one for some other reason, e.g. to avoid doing two programs back to back?

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