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Post by Settembrinius » Fri Oct 05, 2018 1:45 pm


I'm a secondary school student from Victoria (Australia), but won't be for much longer as I'm in year 12 and there are only two weeks until the last exams here! I have been studying French since primary school and have got more or less competent at it by now and as I found it so fun to learn, I've recently started trying to learn some Latin and ancient Greek as well for a spare-time project... Obviously it's a major undertaking and to be honest I haven't taken it very seriously so far and haven't learnt much (apart from the alphabet for greek and the first conjugation for latin). But what I have learnt is all very interesting and moreover I have a real desire to be able to read in these languages eventually. At the moment I'm reading a translation of 'the last days of socrates' which is pretty interesting, and motivating too. At the same time I've read 'I, Claudius' by Robert Graves which also kindles an interest in ancient history!

At uni next year I'm going to apply for Latin as a 'breadth' subject (in a science degree). Actually my main interest is in science and particularly biology. So the classical languages are particularly interesting because of course all the systematic names for animals and plants are made up of latin and greek roots! And as well as that most of the foundational texts of science like the writings of newton are all in latin, as you probably know

For the time being I expect all that I'll post will be questions about the languages ... But perhaps not in the next few weeks thanks to the exams

Looking forward to getting stuck in to latin and greek here

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Welcome to Textkit!

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