New Forum User - Grk NT Student (Self Teaching at Home)

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New Forum User - Grk NT Student (Self Teaching at Home)

Post by NuGrkStu » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:06 pm

Hello All --

I am a NT Greek Student trying to teach myself greek from home. I have read all of I John and am starting GJohn. I'm learning pronunciation by using Vasile Stancu's web site. I began my studies by using Summers Greek Grammar but quickly got overwhelmed with paradigms. So I switched to Dobsons method and then aquired other grammars just to have them around for reference. (Mounce, Robertson, Wallace, Croy, Peter Jones, etc.)

Today I'm going about learning in a more inductive way. I listen to a passage and repeat pronunciations and then I let curiosity about the text dictate what I tackle that day or week (for instance αυτος, ημεις, υμεις jumped out at me as very repetitious in I Jn as well as Def. Art's ο, του, τῳ, τον, οι, των, τοις, τους so I memorized those as well cause they are all over the place and obviously the art. gives you the noun ending.

Then I moved to recognizing the nominative or PAI forms of nouns and verbs within I Jn. I print out a section of I Jn everyday and above the parsed forms of nouns and verbs in the text I practice writing the nominative or PAI form of the word. And I do this every day for about an hour instead of doing crosswords or reading the paper or Sudoku with my coffee. I plan on making it my life long morning ritual.

After getting comfortable with pronouns, def arts and developing a good vocabulary for I Jn. I allowed word pictures of the I Jn passages (such as Robertsons and Wuest) to get me curious about parsings??? for instance subjunctives pop up a lot in I Jn (as well as those little devices that warn us subjunctives are coming εαν τις, ινα, ος δ αν) so I get excited when I see those because I know subjunctive is coming somewhere. I picked up on imperatives as well and lots of PAI verbs.

Along with the ω present in subjunctive endings I learned about participles as designated by the ων endings of PAI verbs. Anywho. It took me about four months to finish I Jn in this fasion and it has been a joy. A real joy. I was never a good student and can't learn well under pressure as required by most universities but I am really enjoying my very own inductive learning with my morning coffee.

I also secured a full time ministry position about six months ago so I do have ample time to dedicate to this wonderful language.

My first post was regarding the 'aorist imperative' in I Jn 5:21 and the responses were encouraging and validating as I had most all of the reference books people mentioned. Looking forward to learning this wonderful language and very greatful to have found this forum and its wealth of knowledge.

I've never joined a forum before so if there are features of etiquette that I'm missing please let me know. I notice nobody uses real first names?

Regards everyone . . .

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Re: New Forum User - Grk NT Student (Self Teaching at Home)

Post by bedwere » Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:23 pm

Welcome to Textkit!

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