Having Trouble Getting Approved-- Mods, are you out there?

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Having Trouble Getting Approved-- Mods, are you out there?

Post by thornsbreak » Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:31 pm

Based on Markos' post below regarding new member Thomas, I see that I am not the only one having difficulty getting a new membership approved so I can start productively contributing to this board.

I am an MDiv graduate of St. Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary in New York, and a member of the Orthodox Church (thus I use the modern pronunciation). I've been lurking around the board for quite a while, gaining a lot of insight and tools to help me carry forward in my study of Greek, which I am trying to reclaim from the dusty annals of the past. I'm working through H&Q right now, and hoping to tackle Learn to Read Greek next, from Keller and Russel, before I tackle some graded Greek Readers. My goal is to develop a high level of reading proficiency in Greek from the Attic period up and through late Byzantine/medieval Greek, primarily to enable me to read the Bible and Greek patristic literature up through Gregory Palamas. I'm very interested in the communicative Greek/living language movement, and I'd also really like to develop the spoken/written side of my skills, with the goal of being able to speak basic Koine, and, if I wanted to, to be able to attend liturgical services performed in Greek and understand what's going on.

I have read through and tried my best to follow all the rules outlined in the new member stickies, and I have posted at least 5 different threads or replies over the course of a week or two (including some content in Greek!), and yet I am having no luck getting approved. I can't tell if there is no one actively moderating, if they're just busy, or if I've failed to do something necessary or missed a hoop. I understand that the community wants to be sure not to be bothered with bots and a bunch of bogus ads or whatever, but οὺκ ἐγο ῥόβοτος ειμι, ἀλλά ἄνθρωπος ἀληθινός!

Can someone help? I'm really eager to have a face here in these discussions. And I have to say, if I weren't as eager as I am, and stubborn, then I would have given up by now-- which suggests to me that this community is likely accidentally turning away potentially interested people on a regular basis by making it so incredibly difficult to actually participate. I'd hate to see a community like this be less than its most vibrant possible because the dues are too high to get in... Greek is already hard, and there's not a whole lot of us out there-- we need to make sure we can actually support each other! And from the perspective of one genuinely interested and really desirous to participate, just getting a foot in the door here is almost so frustrating as to be a turn off. Help!
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