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First post introduction

Post by seminomadic » Mon Jan 06, 2014 6:17 pm

I'm an expat English teacher in Asia who recently has had a lot of time off due to the new year break and picked up Victor Hanson's Who Killed Homer? and it has sucked me in. It's inspired me to dabble in learning Latin (which I imagine makes more sense than trying to learn ancient Greek first) and I got a copy of Wheelock's (6th ed). I'm only at Chapter 1 because I've been enjoying repeating and consolidating the information in my head in various ways these past few days.

From the outset, it looks to me like Latin, unlike so many other language, can be learned in a near vacuum with how many teaching resources there are online not to mention the grammar-translation method being so thoroughly developed. However, I have questions about pronunciation - namely syllable stress, which compelled me to seek out a forum where I can ask specific questions about such things.
This is why I've signed up here.

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