So what else do you do?

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Jeff Tirey
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So what else do you do?

Post by Jeff Tirey » Mon Nov 04, 2013 4:15 pm

I saw a thread awhile back asking what else everyone is interested in beyond language. One thing I have been trying to learn is DSLR video and editing. I have a really nice camera (which I can barely keep in focus) and all the Adobe tools for video and audio editing.

Here's one of my first projects where I'm trying to make a better family video. It's pretty simple, yet what you see took several hours of editing - mostly because I'm still so new. One area I need to get better at is holding the camera steady and focus. I have ordered what I need to build a simple tripod mount camera jib which should help.

The subject is simple, I was pumpkin carving with my wife and kids and we were listening to Above and Beyond ABGT050 while doing so. So I grabbed my camera to capture the moment.

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