Verse Compositions and their Versifiers published post-1800

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Verse Compositions and their Versifiers published post-1800

Post by whiteoctave » Mon Aug 02, 2004 11:37 am

Verses: a small selection 1810-99

MC = Musae Cantabrigienses seu Carmina Quaedam Numismate Aureo Cantabrigiae Ornata (London, 1810)
NM = Nugae Metricae by W. W. Grenville (Oxford, 1824)
Rem = Remains by W. R. Churton (London, 1830)
GretI = Latin Elegiacs and Hexameters: Vol. II by F. E. Gretton (London, 1838)
Arun = Arundines Cami ed. H. J. T. Drury (Cambridge, 1841)
AO = Anthologia Oxoniensis ed. W. Linwood (Longmans, 1846)
Sab = Sabrinae Corolla ed. B. H. Kennedy (Bell & Sons, 1851)
LHLH = Lyra Hellenica and Lyra Latina by E. R. Humphreys (R. Seaton, 1852)
LAG = Translations by G. W. Lyttleton and W. E. Gladstone (Bernard Quaritch, 1861)
Calv = (Latin compositions in) Verses and Translations by C. S. Calverley (Deighton Bell, 1862)
Hyp = The Hyperion of Keats Rendered into Latin by C. Merivale (Macmillan, 1862)
Com = Miltoni Comus Graece Reddidit by G. W. Lyttleton (Macmillan, 1865)
HS = Hesperidum Susurri by T. J. B Brady, R.Y. Tyrrell and M. C. Cullinan (Rivingtons, 1867)
Mar = Lusus Academici by T. A. Marshall (Hall, 1868)
New = Translation of English Poetry into Latin Verses by F. W. Newman (London, 1868)
FC = Flosculi Cheltonienses by C. S. Jerram and T. W. James (Rivingtons, 1868)
SC = Sertum Carthusianum by W. Haig-Brown (Deighton Bell, 1870)
VAL = Versiculi Aliquot Latini by W. Almack and A. J. M. Butler (1871)
GE = Gray's Elegy into Greek Elegiacs by G. Denman (Deighton Bell, 1871)
Jebb = Translations into Greek and Latin Verse by R. C. Jebb (Cambridge, 1873)
Oen = Tennyson's Oenone Translated into Latin Hexameters by T. S. Evans (Cambridge, 1873)
GretII = Passages from English Poetry with a Latin Verse Translation by F. E. Gretton (London, 1873)
Llo = Oreades and Other Poems in Latin Verse by J. Lloyd (London, 1874)
Trans = Translations by R. C. Jebb, H. Jackson and W. E. Currey (Cambridge, 1878)
G-F = (Latin compositions in) Memorials of T. G. Godfrey-Fausset (London, 1878)
EC = Exemplaria Cheltoniensia by H. Kynaston (Macmillan, 1880)
Kyn = Key to Progressive Exercises in Greek Iambic Verse by H. Kynaston (Macmillan, 1880)
Mac = Verse Translations by C. D. MacLean (Kegan Paul, 1880)
BW = Between Whiles by B. H. Kennedy (1882)
Tyr = Dublin Translations into Greek and Latin Verse by R. Y. Tyrrell (Dublin, 1882)
IMF = In Memoriam Franklin: Greek and Latin Verses by (1882)
FaLi = Farrago Libellior or Gathered Gleanings in Greek and Latin Verse by F. E. Gretton (Cambridge, 1883)
SAM = Key to Sidgwick and Morice's Greek Verse Composition (Macmillan, 1883)
Mun = Translations into Greek and Latin Verse by H. A. J. Munro (Cambridge, 1884 and Arnold, 1906)
LupE = Key to Lupton's Latin Elegiac Verse Composition ed. J. H. Lupton (Macmillan, 1886)
LAH = Litany and Hymns in Greek Verse by A. W. Chatfield (Oxford, 1886)
LS = Leptophyllon Septentrionale and Other Trifles by L. Campbell (Edinburgh, 1887)
PL = Paradise Lost into Greek Dactylic Hexameters by A. S. Casdalgi (London, 1887)
LupL = Key to Lupton's Latin Lyric Verse Composition ed. J. H . Lupton (Macmillan, 1888)
Mill = Translations into Latin Verse by H. Millington (Bell & Sons, 1889)
Pres = Key to Exercises in Latin Verse of Various Kinds by G. Preston (Macmillan, 1889)
Word = (Latin compositions in) Annals of My Early Life by C. Wordsworth (1891)
Russ = Translations into Greek and Latin Verse by C. H. St. L. Russell (Rivingtons, 1891)
Nix = Elegiac Translations from Parallel Translations ed. J. E. Nixon (Mamillan, 1892)
Ev = Latin and Greek Verse by T. S. Evans (Cambridge, 1893)
OD = Otium Didascali by W. Hobhouse (Macmillan, 1898)
IV = Intervalla: Verses Greek, Latin and English by G. Denman (Cambridge, 1898)
Hild = Gray's Elegy in Latin Verse by W. Hildyard (Dortman & Co., 1898)
MuCl = Musa Clauda by S. G. Owen and J. S. Phillimore (Oxford, 1898)
Cam = Cambridge Compositions ed. R. D. Archer-Hind and R. D. Hicks (Cambridge, 1899)
Nova = Nova Anthologia Oxoniensis ed. R. Ellis and A. D. Godley (Oxford, 1899)
Flor = Florilegium Latinum ed. F. St. J. Thackeray and E. D. Stone (Bodley Head, 1899)

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Post by Keesa » Mon Aug 02, 2004 11:55 am

Wheeeeewee! What a list! You must have time on your hands, if you can put that thing together.

I'm impressed!

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