A Latin poem by T.S.Evans

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A Latin poem by T.S.Evans

Post by Anthony Appleyard » Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:57 pm


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugh_Andr ... tone_Munro

T.S.Evans wrote a letter to H.A.J.Monro as a Latin poem of 39 dactylic hexameters, named "To H.A.J Munro, after receiving a copy of his translations into Latin and Greek verse". It ends with a plea for Munro to stop in Durham to visit Evans on a journey passing:

Unum oro super: ad fines si te bona nostros
fors fumusque ferat***, noli me abscondere vectus,
vectus Hyperboreos in montibus ignibus ales;
sed quando Scotus volucer** te volvet ad Arcton,
lentior adlabens Dunelmi respice turres
tergeminas molemque piam super urbe sedentes,
oblitus Caledoniae paulisper avitae,
huc deflecte pedem, memoris memor hospes amici.

***alliteration, ? to represent steam railway engine noise. He was not afraid to let the modern world get in.

Their poetry is in these books:-

Latin and Greek Verse
Evans, Thomas Saunders, Waite, Joseph
publ. by Bibliolife :: www.bibliolife.com/store

Translations into Latin and Greek Verse
H.A.J (Hugh Andrew Johnstone) Munro
publ. by Hardpress :: http://www.hardpress.net
ISBN 978129016962

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