Visit to Greece, especially Aegina

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Visit to Greece, especially Aegina

Post by Hylander » Sat Dec 01, 2018 4:07 pm

I posted some of this (about the modern Greek pronunciation of Thucydides' name) in the Learning Greek/Bowen's Advanced Greek Unseens thread.

When our Greek driver/guide referred to Thoo-ki-'thee-thees, I had to translate for the four other members of our party. They thought the modern Greek pronunciation was funny. I thought their need for a translation was funny. The modern Greek pronunciation is of course much closer to the original ancient Greek, and really not too distant from the way his name has been pronounced in Greek since Roman times.

Another pointless anecdote. On Aegina we went looking for a restaurant someone recommended called "Baba". We came to it but it turned out to be closed for the season. My companions, who knew the Greek alphabet, saw the sign which read ΜΠΑΜΠΑ. "That doesn't say 'Baba,'" they said. Again, I had to set them straight.

We found another restaurant, where the staff took me into the kitchen to select a fish for grilling, showing me an array of fish on ice. I selected some type of bream and thought they would grill that fish, but no, they went across the street to where the boat was docked, got a fish from the boat, and grilled it to perfection for me.

The next day we visited the Doric temple of Aphaea on Aegina, and then, day after I flew to Munich, where I saw the sculptural groups stolen from the temple on commission for Ludwig I and now on display in the Glyptothek. They have been unrestored and returned to thedilapidated state in which they were carted off from Aegina, undoing the imaginative "restoration" by the Icelandic/Danish sculptor Thorvaldsen in the first part of the 19th century. Some of Thorvaldsen's work is also on display. I have to say that while I don''t disagree with the decision to undo the "restoration", Thorvaldsen was a great neoclassical sculptor, second only to Canova, and his "restored" figures are a masterpiece in themselves.

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Re: Visit to Greece, especially Aegina

Post by jeidsath » Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:38 am

Looking up the images of the Glyptothek restoration with Google, I came across some of the colorized versions of some of the sculptures that they currently (?) have on exhibit. I've seem these before, and I feel like they just can't be highly accurate. Surviving Roman wall frescos seem to indicate to me that ancient color sense must have been better than this.
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