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Errors in Website?

Post by bedwere » Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:29 pm


Beside recording the Cyropaedia for Librivox, I started also to record the Clementine Vulgate. However, I am perplexed with the preface to the modern edition.
Tantus autem Clemens fidem catholicam tutus est opere et sermone, quantus et ipsius Vulgata revelationem Dei ab imminentibus periculis custodivit.
I think it should be Tantum ..., quantum .. as adverbs.
Meaning that as much as Clemens protected the faith etc .etc., so much he preserved etc. etc.
A nominative quantus would refer to how big Clemens was and doesn't make sense to me.
Singulis deinceps annuentibus Papis, minutim sancti libri emittebantur, et postremo anno salutis MCMXCV Biblia tota perfecta est.
et Lutherus dimidium errorum coæqualum nostrorum non cogitavit.

Do you agree?

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