Bradley's Arnold - appendix errata - first installment

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Bradley's Arnold - appendix errata - first installment

Post by lanzcc » Tue Jun 25, 2019 2:38 pm

I am working my way through Bradley's Arnold Latin Prose Composition. I'm doing every single exercise, with a tutor, and I also have the "Key to Arnold's Latin Prose Composition". The appendix that gives answers to exercises such as 20b are labeled in a useless way.

This post will save some time for others working through that textbook.

Here is my current list of "corrected" labels:

p73 - "No.1" = 2b
.............. "No.2" = 3b
p74 - "No.3" = 4b
p76 - "No.5" = 7b
.............. "No.6 = 8c
p77 - "No.7" = 9b
p78 - "No.8" = 11b
.............. "No.9" = 13b
p79 - "No.10" = 15b
p80 - "No.11" = 16c
.............. "No.12" = 18b
p81 - "No.13" = 20b

and that's as far as I've gone.

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