use browser to study Latin composition

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use browser to study Latin composition

Post by hlawson38 » Tue Oct 16, 2018 5:01 pm

I use the Chrome browser, which "just works" to display a pdf file in a Chrome tab.

Step 1: I load the North and HIllard Latin composition book in one Chrome tab, and then load the corresponding answer key into another tab.

Step 3: I load an online English-->Latin dictionary into a separate tab. Now I have three tabs in Chrome: North & Hillard qestions, North & Hillard answers, and an English to Latin dictionary.

Step 3: I start a blank text file in Emacs, my preferred text editor. Emacs is optional; I could use any editor or word processing program.

With this setup, I can type North and HIllard's English into the Emacs file. That's where I do the work.

So now I have two windows displayed on my nice 24-inch monitor. In the Chrome browser window, I can flip the tabs from questions, to answers, to dictionary. Then in a separate window I can type my answers to the translation problems.

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