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Derek Filiorum
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Translation English--Latin

Post by Derek Filiorum » Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:57 pm

Dear all,

An acquaintance of mine has asked for a translation of the following phrase, which should turn into a tattoo. It's about his dad who died when he was too young to get to know him, but who he will always remember/who will always be remembered. 'Never known, always remembered.' (And then in a chiasmic ABBA structure.) I also take it that that 'remembered' is elliptic for 'going to be remembered', so we'd need something like a future tense there. Another problem is that this sentence as supplied to me, could be read in two ways: (1) 'I have never known him, but I will always remember him. Or (2): 'He has never been known by me, but he will always be remembered.' What's more, I'm struggling with the different verbs one can use for knowledge (sapere, scire, noscere, cognoscere etc.) What about : 'Numquam cognitus/cognovi, miminero/meminus semper'? Is there a future participle for the verb memini along the lines of 'going to be remembered'? I'm horribly struggling here. :D Help us please! Many thanks!

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Re: Translation English--Latin

Post by bedwere » Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:49 pm

Maybe you can use in memoria.

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