Pompeiiana Newpaper Ceases

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Pompeiiana Newpaper Ceases

Post by Romulus753 » Fri Aug 22, 2003 1:24 am

Very much saddened today when I picked up phone to order Pompeianna Newspapers for my classes. Dr. Barcio said they are "going out of business this month" but did reserve 25 copies per 9 issues from last year's crop of papers. I didnt order last year, so the rest of you who got them must have known about this already.<br /><br />He said they could not get an endowment from anyone to keep going. He was hoping ACL would step in to help. Their website is down, and operations will cease totally. <br /><br />He said hopefully in a "couple of years" if there is enough of a concerted push by Pompeianna patrons, that it might resurrect. I am writing the ACL and all organizations I can that might have some clout to express how much we miss the publication and that the Classical League needs to step up and help out.<br /><br />If enough of us write, maybe we can get a response. I will be looking up email addresses, etc. Want to bombard them? Anyone interested in getting the presses rolling again? Hopefully there are enuf out there to show a strong "Vox Populi" to get their attention.<br /><br />Any suggestions?<br /><br />Valete....

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Re:Pompeiiana Newpaper Ceases

Post by benissimus » Fri Aug 22, 2003 1:31 am

I have never heard of this; what is it exactly?
flebile nescio quid queritur lyra, flebile lingua murmurat exanimis, respondent flebile ripae

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