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Post by Lucus Eques » Wed May 25, 2005 3:10 am

benissimus wrote:This is a fairly old thread and since then I convinced myself (without whiteoctave's influence) that u is better for lower case and v for upper case. However, I don't care much for which is used - as long as people are not writing in Latin cursive or engraving style uncials they can never claim to be writing the proper way. Regardless, since the u of Latin cursive is a softening of v, it clearly says that at some point v or u was used in both cases (how else would it go through a softening?).
Hehe, certe, amice; solum iocabar. Indeed, I enjoy the use of 'V' for the majuscule myself (I have yet to alter my signature quote, in fact, for that very reason).
nonne david did he not ... ?
num ... he didn't ... did he?
I found both those connotations too strong for my liking, even though I did consider them; instead I opted for the simplest form of interrogative (that which is understood simply from tone of voice, or in this case, from the question mark), not requiring an interrogative particle.
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