That curve ball, QUIA

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Re:That curve ball, QUIA

Post by mariek » Fri Jul 25, 2003 3:55 am

[quote author=Milito link=board=3;threadid=242;start=30#1905 date=1059057201]<br />NO! The dictionary actually gives you the Nom Singular and the GEN Singulary for all nouns, because the Gen Sing is what you use to figure out how the rest of the noun is supposed to look. It just so happens that the Nom Plural and the Gen Singular of 1st declension and 2nd declension (Masculine) nouns are identical! So you're actually home free! (Assuming you know the paradigms........) [/quote]<br /><br />OH! All this time I thought it was the NOM singular and NOM plural. I guess I just made that assumption for some odd reason. OK, now your rules make sense. This is great! Thanks for enlightening me! :)<br />

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