Help with very late Latin

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Help with very late Latin

Post by Tom L. » Wed Mar 03, 2004 2:29 pm


This is an inscription found on the monument of a renown 17th Century fencing Master by the name of Salvator Fabris, professor at the court of the King of Denmark. The passage, although intelligible logically and verbally, gives me trouble from a grammatical standpoint. Any and all help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

En Salvatorem Fabris sic ora ferentem

Hic Daniae dum Rege Magister adeptus
Conscripsit nixam Regis virtutem Palaestram.

Hinc orbi artificum numerosa propago est.

Hisce, Monumentum heroi huic Hafniae Anno 1605 erectum
Antesignano Palestrarum incomparabili Paduae constituendum
Lipsiae Anno 1676 renovare voluit, debuit
Virtutum et professionis ejusdem admiratur studiosissimus
Jo. Joachim Hynitzsch Nordhusas.

In particular, the word "ora" is giving me trouble ("bearing this expression"?) in the first sentence;

the word "nixam" in the second sentence;

all of the third sentence ("from here, a large number of Masters are [spawned] in many lands"?);

and the lack of a "et" in the last sentence between voluit and debuit.

Thank you all in advance.
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