magno impetu ferri

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magno impetu ferri

Post by phil » Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:25 pm

A young chap has lightly wounded Pyrrhus during an attack in a town..

Māter adulēscentis, anus paupercula, cum aliīs mulieribus ē tēctō domūs proelium spectābat; quae cum vīdisset Pyrrhum in auctōrem vulneris suī magnō impetū ferrī, perīculō fīliī commotā prōtinus tēgulam corripuit et utrāque manū lībrātam in caput rēgis dēiēcit.

The mother of the young man, a poor old woman, was watching the battle from the roof of a house with some other women, when she saw Pyrrhus mumble mumble to the perpetrator of his own wound. Provoked by the danger of her son, she immediately ripped up a roof tile, and, having balanced it in both hands, hurled it down onto the head of the king.

I take magnō impetū to mean 'with a great sudden motion (or attack)' and ferrī is either 'of his sword' or passive of ferre 'to have been borne/carried'.

So it means either:
... when she saw Pyrrhus with a great sudden motion of his sword towards the perpertrator of his wound. but there's no verb. When she saw Pyrrhus do what?

... when she saw Pyrrhus with a great sudden motion to be carried towards the perpertrator of his wound.
There's a verb, but it doesn't make sense to me. If he were rushing towards the lad, or there were some verb of attack I could maybe get it, but just being carried doesn't seem to warrant getting a brick on the bonce.

Can someone help?

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Re: magno impetu ferri

Post by adrianus » Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:42 am

"she saw that Pyrrhus was rushing [Pyrrhum ferri] in a great charge on..." (middle voice // voce mediâ)

L&S "(fera) supra venabula fertur, rushes, springs, Verg A.9.553"
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Re: magno impetu ferri

Post by rkday » Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:23 pm

My instinct would be that magno impetu is not ablative of manner but ablative of impersonal agent - he is indeed being carried, and a great fury is what's carrying him.

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