Aladdin's "Whole New World" in Latin

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Aladdin's "Whole New World" in Latin

Post by Gregorius » Sat Aug 04, 2007 4:30 pm

I'm here to ask for feedback on my revamped Latin translation/adaptation of the song "A Whole New World." I decided the first version wasn't as faithful as it could be. This time around,I was a little less conservative in my use of more distinctly poetic grammar (most notably the use of the ablative as a locative in "mundo novo"). Please give me your honest comments and feel free to express any doubts about idiom or grammar.

Those of you who may be new and therefore don't know the kind of work I do, my goal in doing translations like this is to sacrifice as little of the original meaning as possible while adapting the lyrics to retain the meter, rhymes, and melody of the song.

Without further ado, I present "MUNDO NOVO."

Possum m?nstr?re tī
Mundum splendidum vērē.
Rēgis fīlia, tī p?rendum est
Tandem cordī tu?.

Possum ferre iam tē
Mundī tantīs mīrandīs.
In tapēte volantī
Nunc vehimur magicē.

Mund? nov?
Est modus novus videndī.
Ita c?nstringit n?s
Aut dīcit n?s
S?lum somni?re nēm?.

Mund? nov?
Est locus quem numquam n?vī.
Sed hīc cl?rissimē
Vide? mē
In mundum t?tum novum iam ferrī.
(In mundum t?tum novum iam ferrī)

N?n potest dēscrībī
Incrēdibilis sēnsus,
Et voland? hīc tēcum
Tangam gemm?s mox caelī.

Mund? nov?
(Ocul?s aperī)
Videnda mīlia sunt erg?.
(Etiam fiet multum melius)
Cum sīderibus hīs,
Longē vēnī.
Porr? redīre numquam poter?.

Mund? nov?
(Sēnsūs arrigunt mē)
Nunc ?r?s petimus mundī
(Qu?que punct? mīrand?.)
Stēll?s affect?b?
Cuivīs loc?.
Inter n?s parti?mus caelum sīc.

Mund? nov?...
Mund? nov?...
Sumus erg?.
Sumus erg?.
Est lībert?s
Pr? tē et mē.

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