NEED HELP ON INFO ON ILIAD Scholia T & Acusilaus Historicus

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NEED HELP ON INFO ON ILIAD Scholia T & Acusilaus Historicus

Post by resumeser » Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:25 am

Hi, I need a little bit of info on these two Greek manuscripts and have been spinning my wheels trying to get the answers. Any help would be appreciated.

Iliad T Scholia
I need to know the approximate date of this ms. and when they think it was first written. I'm mostly concerned with the actual dating of the ms. itself though.

Acusilaus Historicus
Found in Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker, commonly abbreviated FGrHist or FGrH (Fragments of the Greek Historians) by Ed. Felix Jacoby. Again, same as above. Also, if anybody can tell me what volume of that work the Acusilaus Historicus is actually located in and where I can read it online if possible.

Any help from anyone of this would be great. Thank you.


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Re: NEED HELP ON INFO ON ILIAD Scholia T & Acusilaus Histori

Post by Qimmik » Wed Apr 10, 2013 1:42 pm

I can't help you on Acusilaus, but the T scholia are in the Townleyan ms. (British Library Burney 86), which is actually dated 1059 (that would be AD/CE, of course). The scholia themselves are based on summaries of commentaries on the Iliad that were compiled in the first or second centuries CE, but incorporate material from Alexandrian scholarship of the 2nd century BCE, as well as later material.

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Re: NEED HELP ON INFO ON ILIAD Scholia T & Acusilaus Histori

Post by mwh » Mon Oct 21, 2013 3:39 pm

Qimmik neatly answered on the T scholia. (For more, and more context, you could look at Michael Haslam's chapter in Ian Morris and Barry Powell's A New companion to Homer, and/or the "Manuscripts" entry in Finkelberg's Homer Encyclopedia.)

As to Acusilaus, there's no actual manuscript (more's the pity), just a few testimonia and citations, mostly in Apollodorus. Acusilaus being so early (one of the earliest prose writers), they're in Jacoby's first volume, 1A, pp. 47-58. Also in Diels-Kranz Vorsokratiker vol.1, 52-60. There's an Italian treatment by Pierluigi Tozzi, too. Jacoby is in process of being updated, see Brill's website. Available online but not for free!

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