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Post by ctowriss » Sat Mar 31, 2018 3:00 pm

I apologize if this is too odd of a question. :D
I am a biblical fiction author. My current work-in-progress has the character Timothy. As I understand it, his real Greek name would be Timotheos. Because long names aren't really welcomed by readers, I often use nicknames for them, like Aristas for Aristarchus, and Epaphras for Epaphroditos. I've searched and haven't really found anything I could consider as authentic for Timotheos. I've found Timon, Timos, and Timo, but I don't know if those are any good as a shortened form of the name or just another name altogether.
Would anyone know how to shorten this name?

Thank you so much,
Carole Towriss

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