Poll: Iliad A11 οὕνεκα τὸν Χρύσην

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What do you think about οὕνεκα τὸν Χρύσην in Iliad A11

It is a unique use of the article in Homer, and no further explanation is required
οὕνεκα τοῦ Χρύσην as conjectured by Nauck. τοῦ is Apollo
Χρύσην is appellative ("that man of Chryse")
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Something completely different
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Poll: Iliad A11 οὕνεκα τὸν Χρύσην

Post by jeidsath » Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:40 am

I thought that we could take our next step in creating the definitive Textkit edition of Homer.
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Re: Poll: Iliad A11 οὕνεκα τὸν Χρύσην

Post by Paul Derouda » Tue Nov 22, 2016 9:39 pm

How should I know, really? But since we're talking about the very beginning of the Iliad, I'd suppose it's the part that's least likely of being corrupted without leaving a trace in the tradition. And although I can't prove it, I'd suppose that "Homer" will have worked on it much more than on the rest of his poem, and for that reason perhaps it might be linguistically different as well? I have no evidence to support this claim, though.

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