Schoder and Horrigan: 2nd Year Book, 1946 edition

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Schoder and Horrigan: 2nd Year Book, 1946 edition

Post by marxbert » Mon Jan 04, 2016 7:21 pm

HathiTrust has full text of the second volume of Schoder and Horrigan's Homeric Greek textbook (the 1st edition, revised). It also hosts the full text of the second volume supplement, or accompanying exercises.

This is significantly different than the in-print second edition, revised by Leslie Edwards. In Edwards' revision, she exclusively uses text from Iliad 6 and 12. She also has no exercises to check comprehension or guide reading. The 1946 original contains excerpts from all over the Odyssey and Iliad. Looks like a quality textbook for reading Greek in the original. The immediate flaw is not knowing where the excerpts are taken from, as they are instead simply reduced to "line numbers" that reflect the textbook's chronology and seem to have no relation to Homer. The notes look adequate for self-learners. No answer key. A list of a few errata is printed near end of textbook. ... reek&ft=ft

This out-of-print edition is in the public domain (in the US, at least), yet HathiTrust forces a cumbersome method to download book. Since it's public domain, I think there is no problem sharing single PDFs:
textbook (80 MB):
supplement/exercises (20MB):
Note that every second page of the supplement PDF is blank, starting in the middle, and both PDFs have blank pages at beginning and end. Hathi Project scans blank pages, and I left as-is. If you're printing these, you'll want to restrict the print range.

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