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New Pharr Group?

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 10:15 am
by Pathawi
I hope this message finds everyone well. I'd like to begin a new Pharr reading group for others, like me, who either have no prior Greek, or who are willing to put up with those who have no prior Greek, & who would like to move at a rapid clip.

Here's how I plan to learn:
I'll not be trying to memorise paradigms for production, but only for recognition. (That is, for the beginning, I'd be happy enough to look at γαίᾱ, & recognise that it's the word for 'land' or 'earth' in dual nominative, accusative, & vocative rôles, but not be able to produce the nominative dual of γαῖα.) I think that this will make things move faster, & will be more exciting, as I'll be moving more quickly into reading Homer directly. I plan to work with an SRS system at first just for recognition (up thru lesson 47), & then for cloze-deletion (thru the end of Pharr). I will use the Greek-English translation exercises, but not the English-Greek. My goal with Pharr is only to be able to read Greek: I don't need to be able to produce it. Once I've exposed myself to a lot of Homer, I'll put some energy into making sure I can produce forms properly, but I'm a believer in the language-learning research that emphasises input & deprecates output for the initial stages of learning.

That said, I'm happy to adjust what I'd like to do in order to work with a group!

My ideal would be to do one lesson of Pharr every day, starting 22 April & completing Pharr on 7 July. I think this is doable, but this isn't a race: If it feels too fast after a few days, then I'm happy to slow down. My plan is to study actively for an hour each day, & then add to that whatever time it takes to review my SRS flashcards.

After Pharr, I'd like to complete the Iliad (perhaps first looking at Owen & Godspeed's vocabulary lists to see if there's anything not present in Pharr?), & then move on to the Odyssey & Hesiod.

Is anyone interested in joining me, at least for Pharr (if not for the continuing reading)?

Re: New Pharr Group?

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2012 8:03 pm
by Adelheid
Did you manage to finish Pharr by July? Took me a year and a half, way back :)

I quit reading the Iliad after book 8: too much gore, quite honestly.

I am looking for someone who would read the Odyssey with me. I finished book 1 rather quickly last year, but am utterly stuck on book 2. Would love to have someone to spar with.