JWW exercises, paragraphs 611, 612, 613

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JWW exercises, paragraphs 611, 612, 613

Post by Koala » Wed Oct 13, 2004 6:24 am

[size=150]σφόδρα εὐχαριστῶ σοι, Σκύλαξ[/size]

Some suggested answers to exercises in chapter LXV

1. The Greek army fell upon the barbarians/Persians
2. He said that he should flee: [size=150]φύγοιμι ἄν[/size]
3. All his friends are choosing to die fighting for Cyrus
4. For I have triremes so that I (can) capture the boat of those men/their boat.
5. It seems Clearchus was born a warlike man/became a man skilled in war:
[size=150]Κλέαρχος ἀνὴρ πολεμικὸς ἐγένετο [/size]
6. Cyrus thinks he was ill treated by me: [size=150]κακῶς ἔπαθον [/size]
7. And the asses ran ahead.
8. The soldiers ran towards the tents, (and) those in the agora, leaving their goods, fled (left their goods and fled)
9. These men said that Cyrus had died: [size=150]κῦρος τέθνηκεν. [/size]
10. Being deprived-of/deserted-by you, I do not think I would be able to help my friends: [size=150]οὐκ ἂν ἱκανὸς εἴην τοὺς φίλους ὠφελῆσαι [/size]
11. When the general had suffered these things, he took the cavalry and drove off [lit: he drove off taking the cavalry]
12. And concerning these things, he promised me he would consider/deliberate: [size=150]βουλεύσομαι περὶ τούτων. [/size]

[size=167]α. καὶ τοῖς Ἔλλησιν ἐνέπεσεν ὁ φόβος τῆς νυκτός. β. τοῦτο ἐποίησεν ὥστε πάντας φόβῳ παρεσχεῖν. γ. λέγεται ὅτι ἡ βασιλέως γυνὴ πέφευγεν. δ. ἔλεγον ὅτι πάντες τὴν ὁδὸν καταλιπόντες ἔφυγον. ε. τὴν τῶν Πέρσων φιλίαν εἵλατο. [/size]

They all urged Cyrus not to fight, but to line-up/take-a-position behind them.
At this time, Clearchus asked Cyrus something like this:
“Do you believe, Cyrus, your brother will do battle with you?”
“Yes, by Zeus,” said Cyrus, “if he is indeed a child of Darius and Parysatis, (and) a brother of mine, I will not take this without a fight.”

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Post by Skylax » Thu Oct 14, 2004 3:07 pm

τὸν Koala, χαίρειν.


2. Plural in Greek
3. I think it is « all his friends are said to have died … » - λέγομαι means rather « to pick up » (objects, men,…) : here to express « to choose », the Greek would have used αἱρέομαι or προαιρέομαι
5. ἐγενόμην is used as the aorist of εἰμί « to be », so it can simply be « seems to have been… »


β. πᾶσι φόβον παρασχεῖν (you left the augment in)
e. it is at least εἵλετο second aorist, or προείλετο

613 – ok


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