JWW exercises, paragraphs 549, 550, 551

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JWW exercises, paragraphs 549, 550, 551

Post by Koala » Sat Aug 28, 2004 7:44 am

some answer suggestions for lesson 59
many thanks for the last lot of corrections!

1. the flesh of these birds was sweeter
2. let us not be greater cowards than the other Greeks
3. the man has become most difficult at the end of his life
4. surely I have not(yet?) tasted a sweeter wine in a long time
5. they say that these, the ones who are taking part in an expedition to Babylon, are the most skilled in war
6. from here Cyrus sent his wife away to Cilicia by the shortest road
7. these are the most cowardly and shameful men
8. the ditches/trenches at the end are (made) the smallest
9. thus Cyrus brought his life to an end, (being) a man most worthy to rule
10. for us these barbarians will all be more skilled in war, than they who are with the King
11. therefore it will perhaps be more secure for us to proceed (with us) having made a square of the hoplites, so that the baggage train might be (in a) safer (position).


[size=167]α. στενωτέρα ἐστὶν αὕτη ἡ ὁδός β. πάντες πιστότατοί εἰσι βασιλεῖ γ. πορευσόμεθα νῦν μακρότεραν ὁδόν δ. ὁ σατράπης ἀνὴρ ἀδικώτατος ἦν ε. ἱκανώτατος πάντων τῶν Περσῶν ἦν ὁ Κῦρος τοὺς φίλους ὠφελεῖν[/size]

From there he marched on through Babylon a three days journey (of) twelve parasangs. On the third day Cyrus made an inspection of the Greeks and barbarians in the plain around midnight. For he thought the King would come the next morning (on the morrow) with his army to fight. And he ordered Clearchus to lead the wing on the right, Menon the one on the left, and he himself drew up his (own barbarian forces). After the review at daybreak, deserters, who came from the Great King, brought Cyrus word about the King’s army.

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Post by Skylax » Sat Aug 28, 2004 6:00 pm

Fine job indeed !

1. « very sweet » ? in any case a superlative
4. οὔπω « not yet »
5. it was difficult to understand without a context : ἔφασαν is an imperfect, whose subject is οἱ στρατευσάμενοι ; τούτους accusative is subject of εἶναι, thus : « the ones who had taken part in an expedition to Babylon said that these (men) were the most skilled in war ».
6. « for us these barbarians will all be more skilled in war » rather « … more hostile towards us » (Anabasis, I, 5, 16)


β. ἦσαν γ. μακροτέραν ·)

551 – ok


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