BOUTIQUE (English words RELATED to Greek words)

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BOUTIQUE (English words RELATED to Greek words)

Post by Neos » Fri May 09, 2008 4:39 am

The word boutique (a fashionable, usually small shop, especially one selling clothes) is a French word that derives from the Old Provençal botiga. Botiga from the Italian bottega, which comes from the Latin apotheca that is related to the Greek apotheke. The word apotheke is still in use in many European languages as a synonym to Pharmacy.

In modern Greek:
a) apotheke: storehouse, warehouse, depot [αποθήκη]
b) apothekevo: to stock, store up [αποθηκε?ω]
c) apothekefsi: storing, storage [αποθήκευση]

apotheke -- apotheca --> bottega --> botiga --> boutique

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