H&Q Unit 1

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H&Q Unit 1

Post by fierywrath » Thu Mar 15, 2007 2:28 am

Just wanting to check these answers:

I. The god educates the men.
ο θεος τους ανθ?οπους παιδευει.

II. The man sends Homer's brother to the market place.
ο ανθ?οπος πεμπει τον του Ομη?ου αδελφον εις αγο?αν.

III. Man, Homer's brother sends to the gods a gift from the island.
ω ανθ?οπε, τοις θεοις ο του Ομη?ου αδελφος πεμπει εκ της νησου δω?ον.

ΙΙΙΙ. With his stories Homer educates his brothers on the islands.
Ο Ομη?ος τοις λογοις παιδευει τους εν ταις νησοις

I can't make the diacritics show up for some reason, so just imagine you are reading the work of a Pre-Aristophanes neophyte.
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Post by modus.irrealis » Thu Mar 15, 2007 6:17 am


It looks good to me, the only thing I see is that you translated "to the marketplace" without the definite article, but maybe εἰς ἀγο?άν is a set phrase I'm unfamiliar with. (You also got the wrong o in the spelling of ἄνθ?ωπος :).)

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