Finished books I-IV of Anabasis

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Finished books I-IV of Anabasis

Post by Kurama » Sat Jul 27, 2019 4:35 pm

So I finally finished working through Mather and Hewitt's edition of the Anabasis (took me 18 months). I have also read twice Euthyphro, Apology and Crito. I have started with Phaedo. I am now wondering whether I should re-read Anabasis I-IV now or just continue with the remaining books. I have also been thinking about reading some Lysias. Do you have any advice on how to proceed from now on?

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Re: Finished books I-IV of Anabasis

Post by Scribo » Sat Jul 27, 2019 4:45 pm

Re-reading is actually key in language acquisition. It's certainly key to classical languages. I mean I too literally just re-read the Anabasis. Read it in bed, start to finish, in a few days. There were certainly details I had missed the first few times I read it. Why? It's wonderful.

Yes, Lysias is also a good shout. Try reading a broad swathe of Attic oratory. I've been working my way through Aeschines, very enjoyable.
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Re: Finished books I-IV of Anabasis

Post by jeidsath » Sat Jul 27, 2019 5:06 pm

In addition to re-reading, the last few chapters of the Anabasis are even more interesting than the first four.
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Re: Finished books I-IV of Anabasis

Post by Constantinus Philo » Sun Jul 28, 2019 3:06 pm

i would suggest go on reading as for re-reading you could do it later when u have assimilated more new material
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