Two Summers schools in Europe to learn to speak Ancient Greek

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Two Summers schools in Europe to learn to speak Ancient Greek

Post by deofago » Thu May 23, 2019 11:25 am

Dear friends and colleagues,

it's me again. This post now is to invite to two different summers schools in Europe to learn Ancient Greek (and also Latin) in a more active way, that is to say, the Orberg method applied to Ancient Greek.

In the Summer school in Poland there are going to be three different levels, in the first to we're going to work with Santi Carbonell's Dialogos and Mario Díaz' adaptation of Rouse's Greek Boy; in the third level, we read passages the πολιτικὴ τέχνη taken either form Plato, Aristoteles or the Tragics. Here's the link:

https://scholaaestivaposnaniensis.wordp ... naniensis/

In the summer school in Madrid, there are two levels, in both of them, we will work with Mario Dìaz' book. Here's the link to the summer school:

There's just one caveat: in both summers schools, NO ONE will speak English. (we could of course, but the point is to speak as much Greek and Latin as possible –In Poland, the lingua franca amongst students after classes is Latin–).


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