bryn mawr commentaries - all the same?

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bryn mawr commentaries - all the same?

Post by daivid » Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:04 pm

I did have the impression that Bryn Mawr Commentaries were all pretty much the same. The commentary is very much focused on the grammar without getting distracted to wider historical or artistic aspects but not as extensive as I at least really need.

Two of their commentaries, I have tried, have changed my mind.
Chariton: Callirhoe, Book 1 by Cashman Kerr Prince does keep to the grammar but he focuses on the accidence and there is hardly anything that you couldn't get using Perseus.

Plutarch: Themistocles by David J. Ladouceur has almost twice the space for the commentary and often covers how words relate to each other rather than like Kerr Prince confining himself to individual words.

I would like to say that with Ladouceur's help I did not need to look at the translation. Unfortunately Plutarch is a far harder writer than Chariton so even with his help I found it harder going then I did reading Chariton.

Perhaps Ladouceur will do volume 2 of Callirhoe?

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