Eumenides translation

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Eumenides translation

Post by vir litterarum » Sun Sep 03, 2006 6:34 pm

τὸ φῦλον ο?κ ὄπωπα τῆσδ᾽ ?μιλίας
ο?δ᾽ ἥτις αἶα τοῦτ᾽ ?πεύχεται γένος
τ?έφους᾽ ἀνατεὶ μὴ μεταστένειν πόνον.
Eumenides 57-59

Would this translation be correct: "I have not seen the the tribe of this company, nor have I perceived what land boasts, rearing this race, not to lament the suffering afterwards."

This translation seems awkward and confusing, but it also seems the most literal to me. I have looked at Lattimore's and Smyth's translations, and they seem to translate the participle " τ?έφους᾽" too loosely. Furthermore, their translations also seem a bit perplexing.

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