reading course in homeric greek

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reading course in homeric greek

Post by bernardo » Wed May 05, 2004 5:16 pm

Help! I've miraculously found the book 1 of Reading Course in Homeric Greek, and book 2 is available used at various places; now all I need to study by myself is the Teacher's Manual and Key - and I cannot find it anywhere. Searched all the major book finding engines, through isbn, title and author, there's not a single copy, new or used, in the whole world! Now get this: Loyola Press wrote me saying they don't intend to reprint it!
So if anyone has the book, please contact me at if you're interested in selling, OR, if anyone has the book and can make a copy (I know, you shouldn't make a copy of a book; but I don't see the point in suppressing copies of an out-of-print hard to find book which the publisher does NOT intend to reprint) and send it to me, I'm willing to pay for it, plus costs and shipping.

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Post by Borealis » Thu May 06, 2004 5:11 pm

You actually found a copy of the first book?! I had to dig one up at a library and photocopy it. It's the 1945 edition, which includes really interesting quotes at the beginning of each chapter.

I also have book 2, but in the newer edition. The text is clearer, and its a fancy blue paperback cover. It doesn't include quotes. I don't know if the first edition would.

Anyway, I'd also love to get a copy of the teacher's manual, if someone's willing to double up on the copying load. I, too, would be more than happy to pay the costs for copying, shipping and handling. My e-mail is

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