38 Latin Stories Chapter 17 Translation right?

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38 Latin Stories Chapter 17 Translation right?

Post by chica » Mon Jul 21, 2008 7:50 pm

Aeacus olim regebat Aeginam, quae nomen suum ceperat a nomine matris Aeaci, quacum Iuppiter se in amore iunxerat. Iuno, quae malos mores Iovis numquam tolerare potuerat, hoc factum sensit et memoria tenuit. Multos post annos omnibus qui in insula Aegina vivebant mortem misit. “O Iuppiter pater,? Aecus vocavit, “Iuno meum populum totum delevit! Iuva me, filium tuum, quem amas et quem neglegere non debes.? Deus eum audivit et sine mora coepit formicas in hominess mutare! Itaque Iuppiter, cui nihil est nimis difficile, viros feminasque fecit parvis ex animalibus. (Veritatemne dico, an non?)

Filius Aeaci erat peleus, cuius filius erat ille Achilles, dux Myrmidonum.

Once upon a time, Aeacus ruled Aegina, which name had taken its name from Aeacus’s mother's name, with whom Jupiter had joined himself in love. Juno, whose bad character Juno had never been able to tolerate, perceived this deed and held the memory. After many years she (Juno from the previous sentence) sent death to all who were living on the island Aegina. “O father Jupiter,? Aeacus called out, “Juno has destroyed all of my people! Help me, your son, whom you love and who you ought not to neglect.? The god heard him and without delay began to change the ants into humans! And so Jupiter, for whom nothing is too difficult, made men and women out of little animals. (Do I tell the truth, or not?)

Aeacus son was Peleus, whose son was the famous Achilles, who was to lead the Myrmidons.

Did I make any mistakes? =)

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Re: 38 Latin Stories Chapter 17 Translation right?

Post by elduce » Sat Jan 03, 2009 7:19 pm

Salve Chica,
Great job on the translation. I'm going to point out a couple small errors:

Sentence 1:
"which name had taken its name..." should read "which had taken its name..."

S 2:
"Juno, whose bad character Juno had never..." should read "Juno, who had never been able to bear Juppiter's bad character..."

"...perceived this deed and held the memory." (look at the case for memory, it is ablative, so it should read "held [it] in memory," you're supposed to assume that "in" is there)

Keep it up!

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