I feel like i'm being tortured.... please help....

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I feel like i'm being tortured.... please help....

Post by awlright » Wed Jan 14, 2009 5:15 pm

1) cum tandem vis flammarum superata esset, consul iussit populum convenire deinde rogavit omnes num scirent qui tantum scelus contra urbem suscepissent.

2)magnum praemium promisit:liberto argentum, servo libertatem. hoc praemio inductus, servus quidam - Manus ei nomen erat - dixit dominum suum cum quinque comitibus incendia fecisse. tum consul, fide servi laudata, milites misit qui eos quam celerrime quaererent.

Could somebody help me with this translation:

For number 1 i got:
1) At last, while they were overcome by the force of the flames, they led the idea ........?

2) Having been led in by great reward (to me this makes no sense!)

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Re: I feel like i'm being tortured.... please help....

Post by Bretonus » Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:38 pm

These are just the attempts of another amateur, but I think I can do it.

1) When finally the power of the flames had been overcome, the consul ordered the people to convene, then questioned all of them whether they know who undertook so great of crime against Rome (or 'the city').

Remember, vis is nominative singular, so it is the flames being overcome.

2) He promised a great reward: silver to a freedman, liberty to a slave. Induced by this reward, a certain slave - Manus was his name - said that his lord had made the fires with the help of five partners. Then the consul, having praised the honesty of the slave, sent soldiers who would interrogate them as quickly as possible.

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