Phrase tranlation if correct

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Phrase tranlation if correct

Post by ceaser27 » Wed Dec 03, 2008 7:21 pm

I would like to know if my Latin is correct please into English or near to sorry bit harsh....

First part into Latin please:
Anima genus doleo video nascor peto relinquio
abutor egreso comburocruentus gravatus infensus
cave quid dicis quando at cui.

"Of air having a spirit living, kind to suffer pain,
to see; observe to be born to seek, to make full use of,
to abuse, going out, to burn, to make bloody,
stain with blood sick unworked Beware what you say,
when, and to whom."

Second part into Latin please:
Its hard to think with a head full of Rain.
I am the electric messiah, the dark descender,
locked away in this dark room in this dark century.
Is it an wonder the world sickens and dies?"

Capite imberis pleno cogitare difficillimum est.
Sum salvator electronicus, ater ex caelo advena,
hoc saeculo atro, sub tecto atro conclusus.
Estne mirandum quod aegrotat mundus ac perit?"

Third part into English please:
Ab incunabulis adsum, dies irae: sum quod eris.
Surgam, edax, unos multorum veto
Bellor, viginti, septem caducus

Pulvis et umbra sumus.Memento mori, mens rea;
mors tua, vita mea. Neca eos omnes. Est omen, duco.

"From the origins, I'm here, days of wrath;
I'm what you'll be. I'll rise up, voracious;
I'm opposed to some of many. I fight, twenty seven fallen.

We're dust and shadow. Remember you'll die, guilty soul,
your death is my life. Kill all those, It's a sign, I do"

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