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Explanation of Translation!

Posted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 8:13 am
by Hamzanama
Alright so on page 19 you have to translate from English to Latin, I made two mistakes but do not essentially know where I made the mistake. I would appreciate an explanation on why it is wrong and the general rule I messed up. Also why the answers I gave were wrong and the others were right.
So the English is:
The girls announce the sailors' wrongs.
I wrote:
Puellae nautarum iniuriae nuntiant.
The correct answer was:
Puellae iniurias nautarum nuntiant.

Secondly the English was:
The sailor is announcing the girls' fight .
I wrote:
Nauta puellae pugnant nuntiat.
The correct answer was:
Nauta puellarum pugnant nuntiat.

Thirdly the English was:
Diana's arrows are killing the wild beasts of the land.
I wrote:
Diana sagittae ferae terrarum necat.
The correct answer was:
Sagittae Dianae feras terrae necat.

Thank you, seeing how I do not want to move forward till I understand this please give me details.

Re: Explanation of Translation!

Posted: Sat Jan 11, 2014 3:40 am
by Qimmik
1. Puellae nautarum iniuriae nuntiant.

iniuriae -- this is nominative. It should be accusative, iniurias, because it is the direct object of nuntiant.

2. Nauta puellae pugnant nuntiat. -- puellae is nominative plural. We want the genitive plural here, puellarum.

pugnant -- this is the 3rd plural present indicative active form of the verb pugno. We need the accusative singular of the noun pugna, i.e., pugnam, because this noun is the direct object of the verb nuntiat.

3. Diana sagittae ferae terrarum necat -- Diana should be genitive - Dianae.

ferae is nominative plural. It should be accusative plural - feras.

terrarum is genitive plural. It should be genitive singular - terrae.

necat is singular. It should be plural - necant - because the subject of the sentence, sagittae, is plural.

Re: Explanation of Translation!

Posted: Mon Jan 13, 2014 6:05 am
by Hamzanama
Is there a difference between:
Filia agricolarum aquas silvae amat
Filia agricolarum silvae aquas amat?